Interactive data visualisation for better decision making

Understand complex data, gain insights and get clarity.


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Bring audience engagement into the 21st Century with a highly customisable, interactive data visualisation that brings your data to life. Enable your audience to create their own journey through your data and discover your world through their own eyes.

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OrbViz’ content management system lets you customise your application to visually work seamlessly with your brand design. SEO capabilities help you reach the right audience.

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Easy to use

Upload your data to the OrbViz CMS, add your stories and branding, customise your overall look, then release to the world!

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Tell your story your way through text, images, video and graphics that add meaning to the data you showcase.

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OrbViz is cloud-based, which means that you retain control of all your data in a secure hosting environment.

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Upload your Shapefile, choose your basemap and watch your data come to life in map form.

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Your story, your way

 OrbViz seamlessly integrates location data with business intelligence and narrative to tell the full story of your data, your way. Plus, it’s quick to implement and you don’t need to be a data analyst to drive it. Simply:
  1. Upload your data
  2. Customise your visualisation
  3. Release it to the world!

Our products

OrbViz for government

  • Transparency: Make public spending more transparent and accessible
  • Impact: Demonstrate the positive outcomes of your policies in the community
  • Engagement: Boost public engagement with clear, effective, visual communication
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OrbVix for business interactive data visualisation

OrbViz for business

  • Transparency: Communicate insights clearly and effectively to clients, investors, board and team
  • Impact: Use powerful visuals to tell the story of your social, environmental and financial impact
  • Engagement: Transform spreadsheets and databases into beautiful, engaging data visualisations
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Upfront pricing

  • One licence fee with no hidden extras
  • Enterprise pricing available
  • Value-driven, not user driven
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Communicate your data stories to a broad public audience or private internal stakeholders

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Customer experience

Help your audience to be informed and make better decisions with data-driven narrative and an interactive data visualisation

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Taranaki Regional Council OrbViz
Northland Regional Council OrbViz
Environment Canterbury Regional Council OrbViz
Bay of Plenty Regional Council OrbViz

Makes complex data easy for anyone to understand

Save money

Meet transparency measures

Customise to your brand

Increase engagement and feedback

Effectively reach your customers

Extract value from the data you already have

Be a data hero/digital transformation leader

Experience a smarter way to visualise your data today