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OrbVix for business interactive data visualisation

OrbViz for Business

OrbViz is a cloud-hosted Saas product that helps you tell your story in a visually interactive, online experience. You can use it to visualise lots of data too: your imagination is the limit! 
  • Transparency: Communicate insights clearly and effectively to clients, investors, board, and team
  • Impact: Use powerful visuals to tell the story of your social, environmental or financial impact
  • Engagement: Transform spreadsheets and databases into beautiful, engaging data visualisations
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Curated Data Experiences

  • Create unique experiences for unique audiences, both internal and external
  • Help your key stakeholders stay informed 
  • Accessible and easy to use, ensuring broad uptake
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Upfront Pricing & Security

  • One licence fee with no hidden extras
  • Enterprise pricing available
  • Retain full ownership of your data in a secure hosting environment
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Versatile Storytelling

  • Get value out of existing data 
  • Fully customisable using maps, videos, graphics and more
  • Straight forward and user friendly interface
  • Not just another dashboard

Your story, your way

 OrbViz seamlessly integrates location data with business information and narrative to tell the full story of your data, your way. Plus, it’s quick to implement and you don’t need to be a data analyst to drive it. Simply:
  1. Upload your data
  2. Customise your visualisation
  3. Release it to the world!
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Got dashboard fatigue?

So do we. That’s why we designed OrbViz to complement your existing GIS and BI software, not sit opposite it. OrbViz is a dynamic storytelling tool which consumes the data these other tools generate, and extracts meaning and beauty, and uses it to tell your story.

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